Polymerist by Rick Ingram. Updates Thursday and Saturday, with bonus updates on Tuesdays.

Polymerists are a race of humanoids who can take the shape of animals or hybrids of them based on pacts that they have made. After spending almost a millennium, helping humanity to rebuild from the end of the world, a group with unusual abilities appears, seizing control and calling for the extinction of the Polymerists. The few survivors of these persecutions band together with some human rebels to take back their world.

Polymerist a free serial novel hosted on Dream Fantastic.

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The Undeadslayer, By J. J. Adams.
Updates Weekly

Hiding from her past and her people was all Celine wanted to do. And she found the best place to hide, as an elf, was in the midst of humans, where her very uniqueness was it’s own anonymity. Until the day a fellow elf, Rathaniel, destroyed her safety and comfort.  Her life now tied to his, she follows this man, given the title of Undeadslayer for his dedication to destroying the unliving, hiding from the pain of her own past in the mysteries of his.

The Undeadslayer is a free fantasy serial novel hosted by Dream Fantastic. First chapter after the jump.
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April 11, 2011 marks the release of the first volume of Dreamers of Dreams: A Webfiction Anthology. This Ebook release, released simultaneously on several popular Ebook and webfiction stores, is a free book containing excerpts and opening chapters of several web fiction novels currently available for free online. The offerings of the Anthology include both completed works, and novels currently being serialized. A wide variety of genres is represented, from superhero to zombie apocalypse, urban fantasy to science fiction, folk tale to murder mystery, space opera to high fantasy. The purpose of this first installment of what promises to be a regularly released anthology series is to introduce the Ebook reader to free fiction available online that they may not be aware of, and highlight promising new writers who are taking the risks of self publishing online. The free volume is available to download in the following formats below:

PDF via Scribd DRM FREE EPUB version.

Volume one of Dreamers of Dreams will include the following authors and stories:
Ted Campbell – Flyover City!
Eva Shandor – Cold Ghost
Cassandra Stryffe – Zombie Diapers
Bex Aaron – Independence Day
J.J. Adams – The Undeadslayer
Alexander Hollins – Phoenix 2125
Rebecca Wilson – Soul Chaser
Christopher Wright – Pay Me, Bug!
Kyt Dotson – Black Hat Magick
G.L. Drummond – Midnight Intentions
Miladysa – Refuge of Delayed Souls
M.E. Traylor -Guts and Sass
Kendal Black -The Ghost King

The anthology is created and distributed by DreamFantastic Publishing, and more information on the anthology, as well as links to the individual authors represented within, can be found at http://www.dreamfantastic.com/anthology/ . A .99 cent version of the anthology, the Author’s Support Edition, will be sold starting the end of April, and will contain additional bonus content from many of the represented authors. Any questions or concerns, as well as requests to be included in future anthology’s, should be directed to Editor@dreamfantastic.com.

To let everyone know, we have several new stories in the works! Keep an eye here for more details!

Also, if you haven’t started reading Zombie Diapers yet, YOU SHOULD!

Zombie Diapers, updates Wednesdays
By Cassandra Stryffe
Liz is a survivor, one of the few, of the zombie apocalypse. A teenager who just recently was a cheerleader, dating the Quarterback, and doing everything right, finds herself in a world where everything is wrong. Another survivor, Anna, lived just long enough to give birth to a daughter, before dying in childbirth, leaving the young Liz to care for and raise a baby in a harsh world where death could come at any moment.

Zombie Diapers is a free serial novel hosted on Dream Fantastic.

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Flyover City! by Joel Wyatt.
Novel is complete.

Flyover City! is an exceptionally done personal log of a customer service rep in a world of superheros. Very much worth the read. Light language, violence, sexual situations.

This story is NOT hosted by or affiliated with Dream Fantastic.

Don’t mind the dust, please.  We are updating the main page to be more accessible and well, not look like something out of the mid 90′s.      Please feel free to comment about any design changes you do or don’t like.
Dream Fantastic is proud to announce that our third hosted story will be starting soon.  The UndeadSlayer, by Jared A. Watch this space for further details.

Phoenix 2125 Updates Mondays and Fridays
By Alexander H

This is a story of a changed world, of the works of man in conflict with the works of nature. Of humans who have become more than human, and humans that have become less. It is the story of Tom, an Arizona native who left as a child after an earthquake severed California from the mainland, and created an ocean view in central Arizona. In the year 2125 Tom, now an adult, returns to Phoenix and finds that past is even closer at hand then he thought.

Hosted by Dream Fantastic.

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By Alexander H  Updated Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sanity. Where does it end and reality begin? For David Sturmbridge, this is a question with no answer. In the blink of an eye, his world has changed from order to chaos, and he seems to be the only one to notice.

Modern Supernatural, Strong language, Graphic Violence, Occasional Sexual Situations.
Hosted By Dream Fantastic.
First Chapter after the break:

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