Don’t mind the dust, please.  We are updating the main page to be more accessible and well, not look like something out of the mid 90′s.      Please feel free to comment about any design changes you do or don’t like.
Dream Fantastic is proud to announce that our third hosted story will be starting soon.  The UndeadSlayer, by Jared A. Watch this space for further details.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the New Dream Fantastic!”

  1. Hi Alexander.

    I can’t find a contact link, so I’m guessing it’s public comments only.

    I’d be happy to place one of my novels on Dream Fantastic – if you want to host straight up completed genre works. I don’t know if it will be of any help, but it might act as a seat filler until the serials start submitting.

    Let me know. Meanwhile, next week I can run a mention for you on the blog.

    Did you think to try webfiction daily? Or you could try Jan at Ergo. Isa Kft ran an article recently, so that is one more way to get the word out about your site and intention without cost.


    • Editor says:

      Letitia, thanks for letting me know on the lack of contact info! How embarrassing, that is now fixed. I’d be happy to host a novel for you! Would you want to post the whole thing right away, or serially in chunks?

      And I have contacted those places, thank you! My contact info, for you and anyone else looking, is !

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